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Expect the Unexpected

These days everyone’s favorite thing to do is travel and the bar continues to be raised for an enjoyable and memorable experience at any #destinationhotel. The internet has broken new barriers on being able to visualize and see what to expect before you arrive onsite, so surprising and wooing guests continues to challenge property owners. While still important, amenities like pillow choices, thread count on sheets and slippers in the closet are no longer enough; discerned travelers expect to find more. Here is a list of things that make #HillsideBoutiqueHotel unique, authentic and one of the best kept secrets in Texas:

1) Explore. There’s a tab on our website sharing what’s new and what's happening onsite. This includes concerts, buffets, local events, classes and activities that are fun, affordable, and uniquely our own. We'll continue to add to it, and make it as robust as possible and we'll blog later about what to do offsite.

2) Celebrate. We have another section of our property and website for events including #businessmeetings, #retreats and #hillcountryweddings. It’s fun to experience these any time of day or any time of year; we are a local and regional place to celebrate with numerous rooms and settings to accommodate up to 200 guests.

3) Eat and drink. #HillsideBoutiqueHotel has a “#BarrelRoom” lounge, two dining areas, several patios and another quiet area called the “#BoardRoom”. All these to relax and enjoy with friends.

4) Relax. Few properties these days have a #FullServiceSpa onsite and even fewer that are as intimate and local as Hillside's. With 38 rooms, everything is close and feels like

home; you won’t be walking down endless hallways and riding elevators to get everywhere.

Also, each deluxe room comes with flip flops instead of slippers to get around a little easier.

5) Views...are everything. Hillside Boutique Hotel is here for the view, which is a 13 acre, well um, hillside overlooking the #MedinaRiverValley. From the patio or terrace, we are often compared to

Europe or Southern California and photos can never fully share the feeling you get along with the breeze, sun, reflections and panoramic vistas. One of our employees, Josh, took this fabulous photo on the front page of our website, but the internet will never do this one justice. You have to come see for yourself.

6) Turn down service with Texas Hospitality. When it’s time to turn in, we have your room ready. Our friendly housekeeping staff lightly straightens the room, straightens the bed for the evening and leaves you with a signature #Texas style treat. The response is so overwhelming, we now sell extra in the lobby when we have them available.

7) Authenticity. We embrace the small town atmosphere and support our local vendors and

farmers. We are not a vibrant downtown experience, but rather the opposite. We are a

clean, wholesome and peaceful place to be mindful and enjoy the moment. We prefer you

unplug, detach and detox for a few days while you’re here; it’s worth it.

8) Meaningful décor. We used art, artifacts and landscaping that all have meaning and purpose.

Our guest rooms are a somewhat minimal farmhouse look, the common areas and exteriors

mostly follow suit. We kept pieces of the past throughout our recent renovation (2018)

and ended up with an eclectic mix of space and décor we think you’ll enjoy. One owner is an

architect and another is in the furniture business, so I guess you can say we are kind of into that

stuff. Also, expect more to come. A lot more.

9) Personalized service. Service should always be listed #1, but we are humble in our ways. We have "family" who have worked here for 10, 12, 14 years and an important objective we've all learned is to stay out of guests way and just allow them to relax; after all, the best pastime here is really to do nothing...really, do nothing at all ! That IS possible. Secondly, we always look for ways to make your stay friendlier, more like home...umbrellas on a rainy day, infused water on a hot day or big smiles each and every day.

For one meal, one weekend, or one week, we are that experience that far exceeds the price. Our purpose at Hillside is to make life a little better so you can expect the unexpected. See you soon.

The family at Hillside Texas

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Arthur Bridges
Arthur Bridges
Oct 25, 2023

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