Talking about Walking

On the Hillside: Talking about Walking

It is proven now that a simple walk can reduce stress and depression, stimulate creativity, aid in digestion, and improve overall health along with numerous other specific mental and physical health benefits. All this, yet we seldom can slow down enough to simply go for a walk; we are all rushing here and there, working, exercising, parenting, traveling.... There isn’t time to slow down for a walk. It’s amazing what can be appreciated and what can be discovered if you let yourself slow down and just walk. Leave your phone behind and just walk. 

Here are three ways to enjoy a walk at Hillside:

1) Walk into town - Castroville downtown is 1.3 miles from our property and can be reached using the quaint local back streets. In town, there are shops, restaurants and other local attractions. As a bonus, you can tour our property along the BMA water canal before or after your trip. The front desk can show you the way. 

2) Historic Walking Tour - there is a fantastic walking tour through the town center that’s designed around a series of historical buildings and significant landmarks. This is an easy, flat walk and can be combined with a walk from the hotel for the the more adventurous. Grab one of the Castroville visitor guides in the hotel lobby for more details and a great map of town.

3) Regional Park - which is a mile from the hotel and also close to town, has a labyrinth of trails that range from simple along the Medina river to more advanced up to Cross Hill. Click here for a link to the city's trail brochure. Distances round trip range up to 3 miles. This is a wonderful way to enjoy 2-3 hours of down time and get closer to nature. This park is certainly a highlight of the area. More info at www.

However you chose to map it, let us help you get moving and get healthy at Hillside Boutique Hotel. Our purpose is to make life a little better.