5 Reasons we have rebranded our company.

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

So, we finally did it. As of yesterday, we are no longer Hotel Alsace - we are now Hillside Boutique Hotel. Truth be told, I got tired of accidentally hitting the “publish” button on the website draft, so this day becomes our new launch date. I just LOVE small business and how things just roll along sometimes. We have the branding package done and the sign ordered, so we are about as ready as you can be anyway and we really don't like fiddling around, so here we go!! #HotelAlsace #HillsideBoutiqueHotel #HillsideTexasBistro

A complete RE-brand is obviously a big, big deal, so we fittingly decided to make this our first blog post as well. So, without much fanfare (we lost our chance to plan that thanks to me), here are the 5 top reasons we changed names:

  1. Pronunciation. No one from out of town could pronounce Alsace. The place was built in 1984 and had three previous lives, all with names like The Alsatian Country Inn, Best Western Castroville, or most recently, The Hotel Alsace. There was even a restaurant here called Vue de'Alsace and another called The Alsatian Restaurant. This is a clever and probably obvious name choice given the town we are in is French Alsatian, meaning the original settlers were mostly from there and the culture has stuck here for 174 years plus! However, the word is a little difficult to say in Texas and has 3-4 pronunciations that I've heard are all correct. Plus, there are people who don't know where or what Alsace is, so that only adds to the confusion. So, in the spirit of easy, we decided to try something new.

  2. Naming Rights. domain was available. For anyone who has searched for domains, the most surprisingly weird and obscure phrases and words or non-words (like google) are already taken. So, when we searched around one night for anything Hillside related, we quickly latched onto HillsideTexas and developed it as part of our branding package. We still don't know when to use Hillside Texas or Hillside Boutique Hotel, but both are cool and we will organically figure that out over time.

  3. We're Texan. However, as mentioned, the town (and one of our owners) is Alsatian and there is a beautiful history and architecture here that tells the story. We honor this and we LOVE being part of it and we often make nods to this culture, but at the end of the day, we think of ourselves as more Texas Farmhouse or Hill Country Modern than we would Alsatian or French or French/German. We created our own style and look, which has some French and European flair, but really its more good ol' Texas than anything else.

  4. Adaptability. We finally went through enough graphic designers to change names. Along with major upgrades to the property during the last year, we thought this would be the best opportunity we'd get to make the change.

  5. Hillside. Last but certainly not least, we have this fantastic Hillside on 13 acres and great views that really deserve all the attention. There’s nothing we can add or do that can match the impact this property has on our guests. So, we’re simply giving tribute to that. We are keeping things simple, just like our style, our concept and our purpose, which is to simply make life a little better. We felt like the name Hillside complimented all these things and our vision to keep going uphill, keep staying on the edge, and keep rolling along, all these with no pun intended. 

Now, without further ado...we are Hillside! #HillsideTexas

Thanks for reading along. Hopefully you've enjoyed some history and an insight of who we are. Please keep tabs on our great calendar of events that includes holiday buffets, spa treatments, concerts, classes and parties. And remember HillsideTexas when you want a getaway for the day or a week, for business or leisure.

As you'll learn, our first goal and purpose is to make your life a little better, so please join our family and make this come true over and over again.

With warm regards,

The Hillside Texas Family